Food Processor in Colombia

Food processors in Colombia are very important for the economy and food distribution of the country. The processed food and beverages industry is highly diversified and one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Colombian economy. The country is a leading producer of fruits, vegetables, sugar, cocoa, meat and seafood, and dairy products. Food processing represented nearly 33% of the country’s manufacturing GDP in 2019, and it is the region’s fourth-largest economy with promising steady growth in the agricultural sector.
More than 4.000 establishments dedicated to the production of food. 2.500 of those establishments are located in Bogota and employ 190.000 people. Also, 43% of all international sales in the industry are from Bogota. The increase in demand for processed foods has driven Bogotá to increase its production, becoming the leading food processing region in the country.

According to information from the National Department of Statistics (DANE), Fish farming is a constantly growing market in Colombia and is highly exported worldwide. Products such as fish fillet, fresh fish, and frozen fish are suitable products for export. The main exporting products are fresh and frozen tilapia fillet and trout. In 2018, Colombia became the first supplier of fresh tilapia in the United States and followed the exports to Peru and Canada. In the same year, it entered the market in Iceland due to the benefits of the European Free trade Association (EFTA).
Fish farmers and food processors in the country aim to increase their exports and open new markets abroad. Due to the quality of the products and the compliance provided, Colombia is a promising market for the fish and food processor market.

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