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Insulating thermo-acoustic sandwich panel manufactured in a continuous line with high fire resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation and excellent load resistance. Composed of two steel sheets in its external and internal faces and PIRsafe® (Polyisocyanurate) foam in the center.
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Kingspan (Panelmet SAS)

Kingspan is dedicated to the commercialization, production and technical support for the installation of sandwich-type thermo-acoustic injected panels and their accessories, for roofs, walls and refrigerated enclosures. During the execution of its activities, the company seeks to offer quality products, ensuring the continuous improvement of its processes, preserving the health and safety of employees and other stakeholders, minimizing the socio-environmental impact inherent to the execution of its work, adopting principles and practices of social responsibility that meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders, with the commitment of senior management.