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Organic Café Quindío coffee is cultivated using techniques that aim to protect the environment. We are committed to ecosystem conservation and biodiversity. We work together with communities and families that produce organic arabica coffee on plantations
where synthetic chemicals and pesticides are replaced with organic fertilizers thar return vital nutrients to the earth. Our package is made out of sugar cane fiber and printed using vegetable-based inks that are safe for the for the environment.
Aroma: sweet notes and red fruit
Body: medium
Acidity: medium - citric
Flavor: medium with red fruits flavors
Presentation: 340 gr
Whole bean / ground
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Café Quindio Logo

CAFE QUINDIO SAS CAFÉ QUINDÍO was born in 1991. It is located in the aromatic heart of Colombia, Armenia, Quindío. Here the best and softest coffee in the world is produced, cultivated with care and dedication by coffee growers and country people in mountainous and high lands with the appropriate height.
Quindío produces the best cherries of its kind, hand-collected, benefited and classified with special techniques; they go to roasting at an optimal temperature in order to highlight its softness, aroma and flavor; qualities that have given us great prestige in the taste of coffee-experts.
We make products with coffee to offer different consuming options (cookies-meringues-marmalades-caramels)