handmade shoes  (blue) Image
handmade shoes  (blue) Image
handmade shoes  (blue) Image
handmade shoes  (blue) Image
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handmade shoes (blue)

Handcrafted shoes, made with embroidered ribbons, which we join to form the fabric and then, we go on to make the cut of the shoe in a very handmade way, obtaining shoes not only exclusive but unique and personalized. And to give them a perfect touch, they have a comfort insole that makes these not only beautiful but also soft and comfortable. The sole is very light making these the ideal shoes.
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Artesanias Jerome

ARTESANIAS JEROME, a company dedicated to the design, manufacture, commercialization of exclusive, different and unique in style shoes, made using ancestral knowledge and techniques
We are known for innovating, creating a style of leisure shoes made using strips elaborated with embroidered textiles, that decorate the feet of women, arousing emotions in them and in men.