Handmade Placemats - REF Iraca Image
Handmade Placemats - REF Iraca Image
Handmade Placemats - REF Iraca Image
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Handmade Placemats - REF Iraca

Placemat woven with dry fibers of the Iraca Palm. Each piece is entirely handmade by local artisans in Colombia, using techniques handed down over generations from their indigenous ancestors.

Diameter: 42 cm
Colors: Natural, Indigo Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pine Green, Burgundy, and Terracotta.

Fundación CreArte

For the last three years, Fundación CreArte has fomented social transformation within artisan families through artistic education in order to strenghen their values, motivate their learning process, and encourage both their personal and professional growth.

With our ProyectArte program, we train artisans families through professionally led workshops in which they learn about management and design as tools to enhance their creativity, to conseqeuntly help them develop unique products in order to ultimately empower them to be leaders and self-sustainable. Through the CreArte collections we aim to create a new and unique version of craftmanship that highlights both our culture’s manual work, and our product’s natural fibers as well as emphasizes the artistic inspiration behind our creative designs that elegantly decorate your tables for any occasion.