Chemical Products Companies in Colombia

Chemical products companies in Colombia have experienced growth within the last years, as the Colombian chemical industry grows at a fast pace. According to the National Department of Statistics (DANE), the industry grew by 11.6% annually from 2005 to 2019. Additionally, Colombia Productiva indicates that this market will keep on growing by 6.5% until 2032. This growth is the result of national and international demand increase in industries like petrochemicals, cosmetics, the agricultural sector, and others. Therefore, lab chemical suppliers, wholesale liquid detergent, oil distributors, cleaning chemicals suppliers, and others, have increased their exports during the last years. The most relevant commercial partners for these segments are Ecuador, Venezuela, and Brazil.

Chemical manufacturing in Colombia is the second most relevant commercial activity within the country. This activity uses raw materials to produce intermediate products. These materials are extracted from a natural input, undergoing successive stages of transformation through chemical processes, to reach a final product with specific characteristics. Trying to reduce the ecological impact of chemical processes, the Colombian chemical industries comply with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (ONUD). Therefore, chemical companies are implementing protocols to develop green chemistry initiatives.

As more clean and efficient processes are being held, better quality products are produced by industrial chemical companies. Chemical products in Colombia are recognized for their high quality. Some of the most relevant products within the Colombian chemical industries are baking soda, soap, acrylic paint, lubricants, oil paint, surface disinfectant, and insecticides. Additionally, many Colombian chemical brands focus on creating household chemicals, as there is a growing market within this segment. Some of the most usual products manufactured are fabric softener, stain remover, dishwasher detergent, softener, washing powder, liquid hand soap, anti-bacterial liquid soap, and others.

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