Digital Services Company in Colombia

Colombia continues to evolve within the digital services industry. Over the last decades, Colombia has invested a lot of resources to strength start-ups and other businesses including digital marketing agencies, animation studios, shared services centers, engineering companies to name some.

Through its initiatives, the government in conjunction with various institutions, plan to help this industry grow to ensure its impact represents 6% of the national GDP by 2022. This is twice of what it currently represents. This ambitious goal has led to the consolidation of many ecommerce businesses, web design agencies, advertising agencies and video game companies across the country.

Video game companies and audiovisual studios are keeping up with the latest technological softwares in order to offer high quality effective services. This and the talented creative human capital that characterizes Colombian firms make this industry very attractive.

Government initiatives like iNNpulsa along with the Ministry of Technology, Industry and Commerce have joined forces to hold Colombia 4.0, one of the most important tech events in the country, where industry leaders can exchange ideas, collaborate and find investors interested in their projects.

It is safe to say that high expertise and professionalism is what defines the tech industry in Colombia. This has led many entrepreneurs to offer BPO services attracting the global market.

According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), the main export of BPO services are the United States and Spain specifically outsourcing call center services. The contact center sector in particular is attracting telecommunications and financial services companies that need to deal with a massive number of clients on a daily basis. Approximately, 50% of the operations of these companies are outsourced to contact centers in Colombia.

Digital services companies in Colombia are well equipped to offer a variety of services to companies seeking to position themselves within the online world

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