Maximum Power Stain Removal Image

Maximum Power Stain Removal

A product made to target floor-joints easily, our Maximal Power Stain Removal cleanses, whitens and disinfects ceramic surfaces.
Its concentrate formula can also target washbasins, toilets and kitchen surfaces, removing bacteria and fungus.
Results can be seen as quickly as 5 minutes with little to no effort.
No artificial colors added. Biodegradables.
  • Chemicals
  • Soap, Organic Surface Agents


Botanique is a Skincare and Wellness Brand that relies on botanical studies to develop high quality products.

Our products are made in Colombia following strict processes to ensure 100% vegan products which are also paraben free and involve no animal testing.

We are inspired by the ever evolving and infinite beauty of nature.

Because we care about real wellness, our products work gently but efficiently, and are suited for all skin types.