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Daruma for the management of quality in health oriented in the safe care of the patient, and the fulfillment of models and specific criteria for the sector, such as the SOGC, PAMEC, Colombian Accreditation, Joint Commission, SiNaCEAM Accreditation, among others.

Using Daruma you can achieve:
- Promote the culture of reporting and patient safety.
- Strengthen analysis towards patient-centered decision making.
- Offer services that seek better health conditions, from a preventive care model to effective, timely, equitable, safe and humanized care.
- Accelerate the improvement of health services to reduce the risks of harm to patients and healthcare professionals.
- Greater confidence of health service users regarding the care received and the clinical results.
- Reduce the financial burden due to medical errors, adverse events, loss of income and penalties.


Our inspiration comes from two philosophies representing what we are and what we do daily in order to change more organizations around the world while building a legacy on improvement.

The essence of our organizational culture comes from the West, the city of Tikal where the Mayan civilization was developed. Through discipline, order, progress and achievement orientation along with the passion of each member of our team; we share the same purpose:

to change the reality of people who move organizational development focusing on the value of improvement.

From the East, Daruma, the representation of Bodhidharma which was a monk and first Zen patriarch. It is a symbol of achievement orientation, goal achievement, persistence and determination fitting perfectly with our technological solution Daruma for management systems and patient safety.