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DEXON BPM is a software solution that allows you to design, model and automate business processes, by configuring the sequential activities, simultaneous, competing and conditional, in such a way that they can be managed, monitored and audited in real time in order to achieve the optimization of processes. Through BPM DEXON, our clients have the possibility to define and implement in a single application, the flow of its processes, the organization of information and the work of the people for the effective management of business processes. At the same time, control its execution in real time and through adequate monitoring, draw conclusions to align and check the compliance of the step by step of the processes' activities, improving productivity in the Company.
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Dexon Software Dexon Software is a manufacturer of business process digitalization tools. Incorporated in Delaware and operating in the United Kingdom, Colombia, Mexico and Chile, we have been in the market since 2002 and have approximately 120 corporate clients. All our clients are large companies and are in different segments, such as BPO, government, health, security and defense, energy, etc. In most of them our software supports the operation of core processes, with millions of daily transactions.
Our software organizes the work and data flow, integrating existing information systems and people, also meets the highest standards of information security, including PCI-DSS (for the banking industry) and DoD