HS code
Instrument to measure and draw straight lines. That product consist in a rectangular and flat bar graduated in centimeters and millimeters.
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Industrias Rapid & Cia Ltda Industries Rapid is a Colombian company dedicated to the production and sale of school items and writing , among which are , Paper Glue and Wood Glue, Vinyl pearlescent colors, pastels , fluorescent and basic , erasers, Washable Kid`s Paint by 6 classic colors, Rules of 30 cm and 20 cm , Squads of different sizes , from 15 X 45 and 15 X 60 to 32 X 45 and 32 X 60 , plus conveyors 180 and 360 and Geometrical Case, the same way Produce School Crayons and Jumbo Crayons, and Clay in Short presentations, Long , 65 Gr, 200 Gr and Kilo .