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NovaMedia is a multi-media and multi-queue system for
Contact Center, with support for voice, video and chat over
web, IP telephony and multiple clients. It has a
mobile application that operates under IOS and Android.
NovaMedia allows its clients to communicate with the
Contact Center through the Internet without generating consumption
cellular. It has a complete monitoring system and
recording of all contacts, and with speech
dynamic and standard responses for chat.


It is a company that provides IP telephony services and technology-based solutions for real-time monitoring, control and administration of telephone communications, by chat, e-mail and SMS of companies with their clients, as well as the personnel in charge of said work.
Among its products:
1. NovaMedia
2. NovaPBX
3. NovaDriver
4. NovaFactory
It develops both web applications and mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems.