Our history
We are in the business of manufacturing and marketing
Multichannel of products with exclusive and functional designs that provide well-being and reinforce the self-esteem of our clients.

Society is proposed as the main object, to the Manufacture and sale of women's and men's underwear, Sportswear, control and post-surgical girdles in the national market and International market and International.

Company’s Products

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Bodysuit Helena 3507

Body breasts free Gloria 3505

Body Control Anny 3310

Body Strapless Thermo-reducer 3504

Thermo-reducing bodysuit 3503

Body Control Cachetero 3502

Body control high back 3501

Osmotic vest man 3546

OSMOTIC Waistband 3551

Osmotic Vest 3550

Control and thermoreducing facial girdle in NEOPRENE 3527

Thermo-reducing sports waistband for men 3603

Men's thermo-reducing vest with zipper 3602

Thermo-reducing waistband for men 3600

Posture corrector arm control shirt 3528

Thermo-reducing bodysuit 1100

Thermo-reducing vest with snaps 3513

Thermo-reducing vest 3512

Thermoreducing waistband 3511

Thermoreducing waistband 3510

Lipo long thermoreducing leggings 3417

Lipo thermoreducing leggings 3416

Control and thermoreducing facial girdle 3651

Control Bra 5009

Body Fiona 3176

High back short girdle F0100

Butt Lifter Pantyshort PF007

Girdle to the knee High back (wasp line) F010

High back girdle up to the knee with sleeves 3175

Knee-length high back girdle 3174

Adjustable Girdle Panty With Enhancement 3411

Central Zipper High Back Girdle 3118

Waist Cincher Girdle 3415

High Compression Strapless Girdle 3412

Company’s Products

Bodysuit Helena 3507

Body breasts free Gloria 3505

Body Control Anny 3310