Automotive Company Colombia

"The expertise of the Colombian automotive companies have helped position the country as the fourth largest assembler of vehicles in Latin America after Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Accordingly, the Colombian business association ANDI properly highlights the relevance of the country's automotive industry in Latin America by recognizing its healthy growth and competitiveness. Moreover, the country is positioned as the second largest motorcycle assembler in the region after Brazil. Such achievements reflect the impact and importance that the automotive industry has on the country's economy and social development. For example, employment wise, the industry contributes with approximately 25 thousand direct qualified job positions. Additionally, economic wise, the industry represents 6.2% of the gross national product. Colombia automotive industry involves and develops a wide range of business activities that constitute its value chain. Some automotive companies in Colombia focus their resources on the vehicles per se, meaning their assembly whilst others focus on automotive engineering. In the same way, alongside the automotive world and its business value chain, there are companies that concentrate their experience to automotive engineering and road safety signs. By taking part in the development of the road safety signs, the companies and the industry itself, contribute to the mobility of the country through traffic and street signals, and in general adequate road signs that have a positive impact on all activities related to vehicle transportation alternatives. Additionally, automotive companies in Colombia are capable of offering specialized products related to the industry's vehicle value chain. For instance, adhesive tapes in polyurethane foam help taking care of details that require such products as for example the vehicles air conditioners."
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