Cacao Producing Company in Colombia

Cacao producing companies in Colombia have taken their main product to multiple countries and, the product is known for being one of the finest worldwide.
Colombia is characterized for producing quality cocoa with fine flavor and aroma. It is a result of the geographic location and agricultural conditions of the country. The cocoa beans are grown in areas with high temperatures and lots of rain, which is why they are often grown close to the equator. The main cocoa producing departments are Santander, the north of Antioquia, and the south of Cordoba. In the sector, 41 national companies produce cocoa bean products such as table chocolates, chocolate bars, powdered chocolate, chocolate coating, and cocoa powder, among other products.

The National Federation of Cocoa Growers (Fedecacao) highlights that in Colombia, cocoa is a traditional crop of peasant economy planted in small or medium-sized plots with productive units of 3.5 hectares on average.
Cacao is a magical fruit and the main component of the production of chocolate. It has many nutrients that can benefit the human body if consumed regularly in small portions. It is also a powerful source of antioxidants, and it boosts serotonin levels making the human body feel relaxed. Colombian cacao is known for being one of the world’s finest. 95% of Colombia’s cacao exports are considered “fine flavor” by the International Cacao Organization.
In 2019, the production of cacao increased by 4.9%, registering 59.665 tons. It exported 8.339 tons of cocoa bean, representing an increase of 18% compared to the 7.056 tons exported in 2018. The market has shown an increase in the demand for cacao and its derived products. Their goal is to maintain a high-quality product and expand their exports to countries that have not been reached.

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