Editorial products in colombia

Colombia has a highly specialized machinery and human talent for the production of graphic design content and editorial materials. These aspects have made this industry very competitive, offering a wide range of print shops, graphic design agencies, advertising firms and packaging and labeling services.

The industrial sector has skyrocketed in recent years and Colombia has proven to be a great alternative. Many international firms are now sourcing much of their design, editorial and graphic material from Colombian firms and printing shops. This includes the production of brochures, stationary, pop-up material, posters, labels and general advertising and promotional material.

The Colombian publishing sector continues to be the fourth largest in Latin America being the most stable and sustainable over the last two years.

As a country, with high quality manual labour and the right innovative technology and a variety of options to choose from, make it an ideal alternative for any commercial printing needs, keeping prices competitive and quality standards high.

Another aspect making Colombia a great alternative for editorial and graphic design is the creativity, their warmth, flexibility, responsiveness and dedication of its people. Working with teams ready to meet any challenge, that are easily accessible and responsive is of great importance for any endeavor and Colombians are known for their work ethic, dedication and craftsmanship.

According to the Andigraf (Asociación Colombiana de la Industria de la Comunicación Gráfica) in 2019 Colombia exported approximately 40 million USD of this industry and the main markets were the United States, Panama and Mexico, showing a great growth potential and opportunity to open new markets.

There is a noticeable tendency for the use of recycled paper and inks derived from natural sources. Colombian entrepreneurship and ingenuity have given rise to multiple sustainable innovations in this sector to continue offering editorial products aligning with the global needs to protect the environment and to create premium creative high quality content.

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