Fruit and Vegetable Companies in Colombia

Fruit and vegetable companies in Colombia have positioned their products in the international market. They have seen the business opportunity in the global market and have positively made use of the agricultural advantages that Colombia has over other countries. Fruit suppliers are known for producing exotic and flavorful fruits all year long.
During 2019, $80.3 million of fruit in Colombia was exported, which represented an increase of 7% compared to the previous year when the exports were $75.1 million, according to the information reported by the National Department of Statistics (DANE). Fruit exporters have focused on positioning Colombian fruits in the international market, distributing to 37 countries. The top consumers are the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Fruit and vegetable companies have also adopted and implemented innovative processes through which their products can be slightly modified, changing textures, and presentation and offering different forms of food and vegetable consumption. Preserves, dried fruit, fruit chips, fruit sauces, and frozen fruit pulp are some of these transformed fruit products. For instance, fruit preserves are preparations of fruits whose principal preserving agent is sugar and sometimes acid and are used as a condiment or spread. Jams, jellies, and marmalades are the most common and often consumed.
Dried fruit and dehydrated fruit are products that have easier packaging a distribution to other countries. Some of the most often consumed are dehydrated banana and dehydrated pineapple. Dehydrated vegetables have also become popular in recent years, as they are consumed as healthy snacks. Fruit chips such as apple chips, banana chips, and tomato chips are some of the most demanded.
The fruit and vegetable market in Colombia has been expanding and adapting successfully to the high demand for the products worldwide.

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