Colombian Baby Clothing Brands

Colombian baby clothing brands within the textile industry have expanded their reach during the last years. The international kids' fashion industry is rapidly changing, and the Colombian clothing brands are stepping up to stay competitive in it. According to Trend Economy, export value from the babies garments and clothing segment in 2019 totaled 2.92 million dollars. The number of baby clothing companies and children´s clothing brands in Colombia has increased in the last years, as their products are highly desired nationally and internationally. The most relevant commercial partners for these products are the United States and the United Kingdom.

Colombia is within the top five exporters for this industry in South America and the top ten in Latin America. Even though these are good ranking spots, the industry is aware that there are many growth opportunities in markets like Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, and Mexico. Customers in these countries look for soft materials that have been produced with eco-friendly and high design standards. As the Colombian fabric offers these qualities, Colombian baby clothing brands within this segment are positive of their chances to access these markets.

Trends have been changing in the last years for the kids’ fashion industry. Modern designs instead of traditional “appropriate for children" designs have opened their way in this market. Focusing on baby girl and baby boy clothes, Colombian clothing brands are also producing high design dresses for girls, pajamas, baby dresses, and formal wear for girls. Therefore, by offering diversity in their products, Colombian baby clothing brands are taking advantage of the market's necessities and gaining relevant territory in international markets.

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