Mechanics Tools in Colombia

Mechanical tools and auto parts manufacturers in Colombia have seen significant growth in sales in recent years. Colombia registers an automotive fleet of 15.3 million vehicles and a structured business market with factories and assemblers of auto parts, accessories, and tools with high potential to supply the local and international market.
In 2019, Colombia became the fourth largest car manufacturer and the second-largest motorcycle producer in Latin America. In 2019, 263,320 vehicles and 604,960 motorcycles were sold, according to the ANDI Chamber of the Automotive Industry.
The country has been promoting the industrial development of the automotive industry, and the assembly of vehicles and motorcycles. Its contribution to innovation and technology makes it one of the leading sectors and one of the engines for the development of Colombia.
The motorcycle assembly industry in Colombia has become an important market due to the quality of production, innovation, and compliance with the products. It employs around 7, 041 people in the assembly sector, according to the National Department of Statistics (DANE), and for every job that is generated in assembly, it generates approximately 4 in the motorcycle parts production.
In Colombia, a variety of auto parts are produced, suspension systems, steering systems, exhaust systems, transmission systems, cooling systems, friction material, electric systems, anchor bolts, toggle bolts, rubber, and metal parts and accessories among others.
Automotive mechanics and tool manufacturers in Colombia have certified their processes with international standards such as TS-16949. The goods are manufactured under product standards such as ISO, ASTM, CE, and JIS in addition to the global vehicle headquarters private standards for which the auto parts industry is a supplier in Colombia.

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