Cardboard Factory in Colombia

Cardboard factories in Colombia have had a big boom over the last years. The country produced around 1.2 million tons of paper and cardboard and over 422.000 tons of pulp in 2017, according to a report from the ANDI’s Chamber of the Pulp, Paper and Cardboard Industry.
This production supplies around 87% of the national demand and it is also exported to Latin American countries, Europe and Asia in smaller proportions.
In the same year, the production of paper and cardboard increased by 3.3% and incremented the paper exports by 24.3%.
In Colombia, the industry provides over 9.000 jobs and contributes to 4.6% of the GNP.
Due to online shopping and the high increase in shipments worldwide, packaging has become a necessary supply. As a result, corrugated paper boxes have become in high demand over recent years, and it is estimated to increase at a 2% yearly rate over the next 30 years. This has naturally increased the production of corrugated paper and corrugated cardboard for the manufacturing of the boxes and packaging.
Even though the industry has been affected by the campaigns in favor of the environment, the production of paper, pulp, and cardboard in Colombia have responsible and sustainable management of natural forests and commercial forest plantations. The paper sector is one of the most sustainable, due to the use of different alternatives such as sugarcane bagasse for the manufacturing process. Also, the permanent management to increase recycling rates, and actions to reduce the demand for resources such as water, energy, and materials which are essential for the future of the sector are actions adapted by the manufacturers of the industry.
Corrugated box manufacturers in Colombia are confident with the quality of their products and the services they provide and have strengthened their marketing campaigns to have a greater reach of the international market.

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