Technology Developers in Colombia

Governmental programs and a highly skilled workforce are boosting technology developers in Colombia to position themselves as relevant players within international markets. Technology in Colombia is gaining more importance as the years go by. This has led to steady growth in the Colombian software development industry. According to the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (MINTIC), The Colombian IT solutions industry has presented a 17% annual growth mean during the last years. There are more than 6.000 national software developers and software companies registered in the country. It represented 1.7% of the Colombian GDP in 2019 and the government has developed strategies to increase that number to 5% within the next years. Statistics indicate the relevance of the software creation industry for the government and reflects a great investment opportunity.

Governmental ambitious strategies have supported the Colombian IT industry´s growth. This support represents one of the main advantages that the industry has. With the MINTIC creation in 2009, the Colombian government bet on the industry and has focused on its growth. Since then, the software development industry has been recognized in Latin America for its high-quality workforce, innovation, and competitive pay ranges. Therefore, Colombia has specialized in the offering of complete services for remote infrastructure management, as well as the development and maintenance of software applications for companies in different industries.

Despite this, there is a wide spectrum of products and services that the Colombian technology developers offer. Software engineering, app development, software design, software programming, and business software are other relevant services offered.

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