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Coffee Brands in Colombia

Coffee brands in Colombia have emerged through the high demand for Colombian coffee worldwide. It has been an opportunity for coffee producers to commercialize and export under their brand or for new entrepreneurs to invest in coffee production under new brands.
Colombian coffee beans have a reputation for being mild and well balanced. The country has a close to perfect coffee growing climate, as it gets heavy rainfall, and the landscape never gets close to freezing temperatures at any time of the year.
There are about 600,000 coffee growers in Colombia, and most of them keep the traditional way of harvest, which is by picking the beans by hand, making the process artisanal and selective. Arabica and Robusta are the two main types of coffee beans that are grown in the world. Arabica is lighter and sweeter, while Robusta is bolder and denser. Arabica beans are the most grown in Colombia. They are flavorful beans that do not need a heavy roasting process to accentuate the taste and make an enjoyable light roast.

Colombia’s average annual coffee production is 11.5 million bags, and it is the third-largest coffee producer in the world, with 20% of its arable land dedicated to coffee production after Brazil and Vietnam. Its principal consumers are the United States, Germany, and France, among others.
Colombian coffee is famous worldwide for its quality and taste and for growing some of the best coffee beans in the world. According to master tasters, the coffee in Colombia is characterized as a clean cup, acidity, and body medium/high with pronounced aroma. Colombian coffee brands offer a variety of excellent coffee options such as green coffee, organic green coffee, decaf coffee that are attractive to both local and international consumers.

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