Agroindustrial companies in colombia

The agricultural sector in Colombia plays an essential role in the local economy. With the high production of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other crops, many agriculturists have found the need for other products and machinery that are required for the process. As technology progresses and agricultural equipment innovates, different and modern machinery has been instituted in the fields. For many years, farmers imported these from other countries, but in recent years, many people found an opportunity to produce these products locally.
Agricultural equipment such as fishing gear, farming equipment, pesticides, and fertilizers are some of the many necessary goods that are being processed in the country.
Pesticides and fertilizers, for example, are the most demanded product for the production and maintenance of the crops.
Fedesarrollo’s calculations highlighted that Colombia has the highest consumption of fertilizer and the second highest consumption of pesticides per hectare in Latin America, spending a vast 35% of the cost of food production on agrochemical and fertilizer use. According to the World Bank, its pesticide use has almost quadrupled in the last 20 years. The country has positioned itself as a producer, consumer, and exporter of agrochemicals, a business that represents USD 600 million per year without counting fertilizers.
As the demand for farm tools and equipment increases for locally grown agricultural goods, the production of this equipment and products has been an opportunity for exporting purposes as well, and with this, the improvement and development of the products. Initiatives include more efficient and sustainable Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), the development of inputs that are naturally derived, integrated pest management approaches, the use of traditional practices, and the promotion of agroecology and organic agriculture.
By integrating sustainable practices and using technology to ensure efficient and measured use of agro-inputs, Colombian farmers can tap into international markets with greater demands.

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