Furniture Factories in Colombia

Furniture factories in Colombia have become a rising market in Latin America. The sector has become known in the international market, as it has proven innovation, quality, and compliance. In 2019, the country had a 7.3% growth in exports of wooden furniture. It exported USD 36.97 million in wooden furniture, while in 2028, the exports were USD 34.4 million, according to figures from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE).
In recent years, the demand for modern furniture has risen as they become more affordable and accessible. RTA (Ready to Assemble) format has made it easier for households to change the design and style in their homes more often, as it is simpler and more affordable than before.
Home furniture such as Closets, entertainment centers, kitchen furniture, and bathroom furniture, are always things in which people want to invest time and money. It is always gratifying to have the home furniture that makes the spaces at home feel comfortable and organized.
With the multiple tasks that people do every day, multifunctional furniture that occupies small spaces is very appetized. Also, minimalistic, lineal, easy to use, and space adaptable are most wanted.
The international market for this type of goods is competitive and constantly changing, however, Colombian furniture manufacturers stay updated on design trends and innovative systems in order to keep growing in exporting these commodities.
The country has various factors that make the production of wooden furniture in Colombia, promising for the international market. Among others are quality, prices, customer service, and compliance.

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