Building Materials Manufacturers Colombia

Building materials manufacturers in Colombia have contributed to the country's growth by supporting its main industries with quality materials and services. Building materials stores offer a wide range of Colombian products, including wood products. Colombian wood is the result of a joint effort of several stakeholders that are committed to offer quality wooden products to meet the national market demand. In 2019 the National government signed a series of agreements that highlight its commitment to help improve the forestry sector and therefore, have a positive impact in the enhancement of the wood value chain to reduce gaps and provide quality products that reflect the country's competitive advantages.

The Colombian home decor highlights the use and relevance of wood on frames, doors, windows, among others. With high-quality wood, building supply stores procure the market demand with hardwood products that can have different purposes, from baseboards and floors, to larger projects. The Colombian business association ANDI indicated that between January and June of 2020, the wooden products and furniture exports reached 11 markets, with an approximate value of 1 million dollars.

Hence, the importance of building materials manufacturers in Colombia relies all along the industrial value chain and therefore, their experience in meeting market demands adds value to it. The latter is a crucial asset for Colombia's home decor as well as it is in the unique position of understanding and fulfilling the market demand, paying special attention to the quality of its products. Thus, the sector has a great growth capacity due to its market relevance, its high-quality standards, and the support of the national government and the private sector, becoming as well an attractive business environment for foreign investment.


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