Frozen Food Distributor in Colombia

Frozen food distributors in Colombia face a high consumer demand for their products in the international market.
The food industry has changed in recent years and has shown an inclination towards practical solutions for the final consumer through frozen food options. Frozen foods have been more common in recent years since many people live a fast-paced life and are looking for convenience and practicality at the time to buy food.
Colombia has a variety of raw materials that call the attention of international buyers and the export of frozen foods is an opportunity for the commercialization of these agricultural products.

In Colombia, food producers find the new trend for frozen products a solution for exporting products that would not last fresh in transit to new destinations, unless frozen. Food such as vegetables, roots, pizza, croquettes, potatoes, empanadas, frozen fish, tuna, and fruits are good products to export frozen.
The Colombia Express which is part of the Maersk Line's containers, increased exports 90% between 2015 and 2016, and the majority corresponded to refrigerated containers with food products that go to Europe and Asia. Refrigerated containers are the indicated way to transport these goods to countries across the world. It is the best way for these perishable products to arrive at their new destinations in optimal quality conditions.
Even though the international market is competitive, frozen food companies in Colombia have adapted to the changes in consumption and have invested in the purchase of equipment and technology such as deep freezing. They have also adopted marketing and digital market campaigns in order to promote the products internationally.

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Tuna Loins


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