Colombian Bakery Suppliers

Colombian bakery suppliers are commonly found all across the country. Bakeries around the country are mainly family industries in which the calling is inherited and moved on from generation to generation that gives the business continuity.
The country registers around 25.000 bakeries that generate around 400.000 employments yearly. Colombia is the fifth country in the region with the highest per capita consumption of bread, a total of 22 kilos per year. These products are essential in the daily Colombian diet to 70% of the population.

The bakery found in Colombia varies among the different areas in the country. The Colombian bunuelo and pandebono, however, are very traditional and found in all the departments. Bakery suppliers are very particular, as they use mainly locally produced commodities. The dough used is usually made out of corn or cassava. They have adopted the production of other goods such as doughnuts, cupcakes, french toast, lemon cookies, cheese bread, and cassava bread to broaden their product offer.
Bakery and milling exports registered US 149.5 million at the end of 2019, according to the National Department of Statistics (DANE).
Among the most requested products are flour to make arepas, chocolates, and sweets. Many of the destinations are the United States, Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, Argentina, France, or Australia.
Flavia Santoro, president of Procolombia stated that “ The agro-industrial products that represent the best of Colombia have managed to raise the country’s name in international markets, due to their quality and variety. It is important to encourage businessmen to export more and take advantage of the tariff advantages”. ProColombia’s study also remarked that the industry entered 103 markets such as Germany, France Morocco, and Italy.

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