Leather manufacturers in Colombia

High quality, meticulous manufacturing process, and innovative technology that prioritizes the care of our environment are what defines leather manufacturers in Colombia.

The proper handling of the skin and the care given throughout the whole manufacturing process position Colombian leather goods manufacturers as one of the best and most attractive ones in the world. These qualities continue to boost the exportation of Colombian leather goods to other parts of the world. From the washing and soaking, liming, and gaunt and trimming process to the leather tanning and draining process, manufacturers in the country are captivating the biggest and well established leather good markets in the world.

The strongest and largest leather goods exporter in Colombia are based in Atlantico, a region located at the coast of the country with 46% of the exportation. Bogota and Cundinamarca, located at the midwest of the country has 19% of the exportation, and Antioquia, which is known for its coffee production, has 15% of the leather raw material exportation.

Well established leather markets such as Italy and the United States are working closely with leather manufacturers in Colombia.

The main export destinations of leather goods is Italy with 18% of the exportation, followed by China (14%), Mexico (12%), the United States (8%) and Panama (8%).

More manufacturers especially those within the wholesale market are using innovative technology that meets quality standards prioritizing the care of our environment.

Investing in Colombian leather manufacturer companies is a great deal. It creates a positive impact not only for the investor but also for the product supply chain to create many jobs in the country and to ramp up exportations bringing solid benefits for everyone.

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