Colombia Ceramics Factory

A traditional craft that is often less highlighted is the world-renowned Colombian Ceramics Factory. And the heart of that industry lies in the small pueblo El Carmen de Viboral near Medellín, which is definitely worth visiting. El Carmen de Viboral is located only 34 miles (54km) from Medellín in the Eastern Hills.

Colombia's rich indigenous history and varied cultural background have fostered a country abundant in artisanal crafts. From the colorfully woven Wayuu mochila bags to the signature black and white rings of a Sombrero Vueltiao to the delicate silver filigree jewelry characteristic of Mompox and Sante Fe, there are many great products to be found.

Colombian ceramics industry is also starting to become more well-known. El Carmen de Viboral has the added benefit of not yet being on the foreign tourist trail, making a visit there all the more authentic.

This town is full of Colombian ceramic shops and several still surviving workshops. The brightly colored 'Ceramics Street' adds to its charm. You will find colorful ceramic plates set and ceramic tableware affordable and with excellent quality through this street.

Even though Carmen del Viboral is the heart of the Colombian ceramics throughout the country, there are more villages as Raquira to find the same technique. And even in Artesanias de Colombia, which encapsulates the Colombian artisan crafts.

This industry is growing fast. According to Artesanías de Colombia, in 2018, the handicrafts in Colombia collected 13,297 million dollars, equivalent to 134% compliance with the same year's goal representing a growth of 11%. The same entity is betting on growing at least 5% steady each year.

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