Advertising Agency in Colombia

Colombia has a strong potential to become a competitive hub for the advertising sector.

As part of the country’s efforts to strengthen its technology and creative sector, there has been an increase in investments towards training for young local creative talent. This creates an opportunity to develop well positioned advertising agencies and digital design firms in Colombia, both regionally and internationally.

According to an industry study, independent advertising agencies have experienced significant growth in recent years.

Investment in the communication and digital design space has also been increasing. There is an emphasis on ecommerce, branding and content marketing. Social media has also gained importance and innovative strategies by local talent have been proven successful meeting the creative demands of international clients and consumers.

There is a growing tendency towards integrated and holistic advertising firms that meet all of the digital marketing needs. By tapping into local talent, governmental and private initiatives, many independent and well established international firms have found in Colombia a place for all its digital content needs.

According to Net Promote Score, Colombian digital advertising and marketing firms are rated above the world average in terms of customer satisfaction.

Online and inbound marketing, branding, 3d animations, video game productions, ecommerce platforms and all around digital design companies in Colombia are on the rise and are becoming increasingly competitive, taking on demanding creative challenges.

As consumers become more sophisticated with their digital consumption while social media platforms like Instagram take leading marketing roles, and as global trends continue to experience rapid changes, Colombian firms are ready to offer the flexibility and creative and communication skills necessary to deliver high quality relatable content services.

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