Suppliers of Aluminum Containers in Colombia

Suppliers of aluminum containers in Colombia have opened international doors in the last years. Many packaging companies have searched for alternatives and packaging solutions for a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of packaging. The packaging industry has a variety of materials such as glass, paper, and plastic among others. Aluminum containers and metal containers have become an excellent alternative as a packaging option.
Aluminum, stainless steel, and glass are some of the safest containers that we can use. It is also safe to drink from, eat from, and cook on these types of materials.

Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth, and it is the third most abundant element on the planet. It is currently the material that is most often used industrially for the soft drinks market, as aluminum packaging gives it a useful life of an average of six weeks. The world’s leading maker of aluminum beverage cans opened a new plant in Colombia, as it saw in the country, the high potential for producing and supplying cans for the company worldwide. It is often used as a packaging supply for pharmaceutical packaging, blister pack, and pharmaceutical foil.
In response to the growing demand for environmental protection and innovative packaging, aluminum packaging has become one of the best options, as aluminum is a material that can be recycled as many times as possible.
Colombia exports US 151,3 million in aluminum, and it is an important market and opportunity for the industrial packaging industry. It has become a promising producer and supplier and has opened to the international market with this locally produced Colombian metal.

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