Supplier of promotional items in Colombia

Every day more suppliers of promotional items in Colombia are created to provide solutions to the need of today's world.

Ricardo Valdivieso, Cuponatic's country manager, pointed out to La Republica that these promotion companies' incursion has allowed users to get closer to the digital world.

According to this expert, one of the main challenges that e-commerce had, was to provide confidence to buyers, and, through these platforms, migration to the digital age has been easier to achieve. "The amounts we offer help people so that they can enter electronic commerce," added Valdivieso.

Five main platforms supply promotional coupons or elements online are:
The discount coupons offered by the Cuponatic application are in the order of $ 70,000. However, you can also find deals up to 90% in the categories of beauty, travel, and services.

Rebajalo, for instance, has two types of offers: coupons and discounts offered by brands. Cuponoff is focused mainly on hotels and airlines. Since 2018 the market has reinvented. The most prominent company was Groupon changed into Peixie. They are now an app and has a discount of up to 90%

Some growing platforms in Colombia, such as be pretty, offers discounts on several beauty treatments.
This promotional item supplier is a perfect ally for entrepreneurs or big companies that need to advertise their products. Usually, when a customer buys a discount or an experience, they are offered complimentary products or services that ramp up the business. Overall, suppliers of promotional items are good advertising in Colombia.

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