Industrial Machinery Manufacturers in Colombia

Industrial machinery manufacturers in Colombia have become important suppliers to the local industrial manufacturers and have opened doors to the international market in recent years. For many years, heavy machinery and industrial machinery and equipment for the construction and manufacturing of textiles were the most imported by Colombia. In 2003, imports were valued at US 600 million, according to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE).
Industrial manufacturing involves a wide variety of business fields, from pharmaceuticals to agricultural, aerospace vehicles, and the automotive industry, among many others. Manufacturing is always linked to standards and regulations and requires quality, health and safety legislation, and international regulations.
Machinery allows companies to perfect or streamline their production processes and become more competitive in both the national and international markets. As the Colombian industrial sector started investing more and more in industrial machinery, many local engineers decided to find solutions to supply that demand locally.
These emerging industrial machinery manufacturers in Colombia have developed machinery and equipment for many local companies, seeking to strengthen the national industry and contribute to the economic and social progress of the country. For this, innovation and technological development have been essential inputs.
Colombian industrial machinery manufacturers have become a target market for the international buyer looking for quality, innovation, and compliance at an affordable price. They have been characterized for customer service and by providing custom made machinery in order to fulfill each one of the requirements requested by the clients. Industrial machinery such as vacuum sealers, packaging machines, sterilizers, ironing roller, and food processing machine are some of the products manufactured in Colombia.

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