Automotive Factories Colombia

Automotive factories in Colombia are one of the nearly 8 thousand companies in the country whose business activity is related to the vehicle industry, their maintenance and repair. Such companies link their business strategies and success to the fit between qualified workforce and a solid portfolio of high quality products. The products of the automotive world are therefore oriented to the vehicles (as the main goods of the automotive industry) and towards their correct use and adequate functionality. Thus, the Colombian automotive companies provide products to ensure the life cycle of the vehicles and therefore, the smooth development of its value chain.

Products such as antifreeze, refrigerant, radiator coolants or fuel additives help the vehicles to fulfill their purpose as purchased goods. The reasonable maintenance of cars in Colombia improve their productive lifespan and reduce potential inconvenients that could require for instance, the review of the electrical installations. Similarly, related products like wiper blades are required to be in optimal conditions due to the function they perform in the vehicle of allowing sufficient visibility. Therefore, the companies are not only in charge of attending the automotive demand but are likewise key players when it comes to help the costumers comply with mandatory regulations.

Accordingly, the Colombian automotive industry is committed to provide quality products like antifreeze, chassis lubricant and refrigerant that help protect the engine and prevent breakdowns. In this sense, the Colombian business association ANDI determined that the protection of the whole automotive value chain corresponds both to the automotive companies and to the customers. These considering that the stronger the value chain is in all its links, the more attractive the business is and the batter capability to provide quality products and services.

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