PVC sale in Colombia

Advancements in plastic technology and recycling initiatives have had a positive impact in the market demand as well as on the PVC sales in Colombia. New constructions in Medellin, Cartagena, Santa Marta and other cities are using PVC materials due to its qualities and its long-lasting properties. Construction companies in Colombia make use of PVC pipes and other alternatives to meet the requirements that arise from their core business activities; therefore, this type of material is significantly used not only in Colombia but in the world. According to the organization STATISTA, the total global production of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in 2018 amounted to 44.3 million metric tonnes; with a forecasted growth of 60 million metric tonnes in 2025.

Building materials stores and manufacturers of construction items have taken advantage of the PVC malleability. Given its properties, PVC products vary widely considering the particular interest they are intended to attend. For instance, they can be found in the energy sector, as well as in telecommunications and infrastructure. Moreover, the PVC characteristics allow the material to be transformed into products designed to meet specific elements part of different nature such as valves, couplings, sprinklers, spray nozzles, and marine ropes.

Thus, PVC sales in Colombia are tightly linked to the business environment of different economic sectors. Because of this, the portfolio of PVC products that is offered by building materials and other construction materials stores meets the market demand and contributes to the development of various industries such as construction and telecommunications. Hence, gaining relevance not only because of its properties and characteristics, but for its presence alongside numerous value chains.

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