Stained glass in Colombia

Stained glass in Colombia has increasingly gained relevance within the national market given its natural properties and the wide scope of industries where it can be used. The National Planning Department of Colombia (DNP) highlighted that the glass industry of the country finds its main raw materials from the mining and the chemical sectors, through the provision of non-metallic minerals and chemical substances like arsenic and sodium sulfate (amongst others), respectively. Accordingly, the glass of Colombia con be found as an important key element in various industries such as vehicles, constructions, and furniture. This corresponds to the relevance that stained glass has on various economic sectors due to its malleability and features, which makes it a perfect element to produce from glass doors and stained glass windows, to bathroom partitions and wooden doors with glass.

Glass manufacturing in Colombia is conducted bearing in mind the ICONTEC regulations. This quality seal reflects the fact that the products have been produced or transformed attending the highest technical and quality standards in Colombia. Thus, glass factories boost the industry throughout the innovation of its products, but likewise, of its manufacturing processes. For instance, sliding glass doors, stained glass panels and window glass are manufactured to be able to adjust the customers interests and serve different purposes; example of this is their use in residential projects, as well as on more industrial endeavors. Hence, stained glass in Colombia is a popular product due to its quality features and the manufacturing companies commitment to understand and attend the market demand, regardless the different interests and objectives.

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