Engineering Company in Colombia

Over the last decades, the world has seen rapid economic advances and innovations in Colombia. This is in part thanks to investments in the engineering industry in Colombia. More people in the country are seeing the benefits and impact of having a career in engineering and launching engineering companies and consulting firms. The impact is clear: to make our communities better.

The most studied engineering programs in Colombia are: Mechanic and environmental engineering, and civil and systems engineering. They account for 59 percent of all engineering programs in Colombia. According to the National Professional Engineering Council of Colombia, there are half million registered professional engineers in the country.

As the engineering industry in Colombia continues to expand, so does the country’s infrastructure including the construction of bridges, highways, buildings, to name a few. Additionally, the government has increased its efforts to advance engineering practices that prioritize the environment and that are sustainable. One example is the construction of the viaduct in Cartagena where the engineering firm used the latest technology to ensure the construction did not interfere with the mangrove area. For the paving process of the road, they used modified asphalt mix with recycled rubber granules to reduce noise pollution.

Colombia is also a leader in the renewable energy industry which has attracted many global investors ready to bet on innovative ways to generate energy while protecting our planet.

Other services that engineering companies in Colombia offer are distribution systems and basic sanitation of drinking water, sewerage and water waste management, renewable energy including solar, wind and biomass energy, and transportation infrastructure.

It is safe to say that high expertise and professionalism is what defines Colombia's engineering industry at the moment. Many countries in Latin America opt to work with Colombian engineering firms. Some of these countries are: Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

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