Jewelery manufacturers in Colombia

Jewelry like rings with precious emeralds is hard to find around the world unless you go to Colombia. It is said that 70 to 90% of all emeralds can be found in Colombia.

The country is known worldwide for its handmade fine jewelry and precious stones and emeralds. In terms of export sales, Colombia is the market leader given the high quality and uniqueness of its stones which are highly sought after and praised in the international market.

Researcher Raquel Alonso, curator of the Museum of Mineralogy and Geology at Harvard University classified Colombian gems as one of the best in the world, extremely rare and unique thanks to the mineral richness, diversity and extraction processes.

Colombian exports of these gems surpass USD $140 million.The main region where precious stones are mined is called Boyacá, a place rich for its soil and its cultural and mythological stories.

The legend says that these precious stones are the tears of a Muisca indian called Fura after losing her lover Tena. Her tears penetrated the forest and were turned into these beautiful green stones, the emeralds.

Colombia is the only place in the world where you can find emeralds of a blue tone.
The country also has some of the highest quality gold. This, combined with incredible craftsmanship, make Colombian jewelry unparalleled.

There are multiple jewelry brands and jewelry manufacturers in Colombia creating the most exclusive jewelry using emerald, precious stones and diamond rings, gold and silver jewelry.

The indigenous handmade style is also gaining international fame, using a mix of raw and precious materials to make jewelry, available for women and men, never seen before.

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