Orthopedic Products Factories in Colombia

Orthopedic products have strengthened the Colombian economy in recent years. In the market, Colombia ranks third in Latin America after Brazil and Argentina, according to the Redfield report on the global orthopedic market in 2019.
The country has strong potential concerning the production and exportation of both orthopedics and implants. It has over 800 participating firms dedicated to the production and delivery of medical supplies specialized in orthopedics. Products such as wheelchairs, posture corrector, knee brace, back brace, ankle brace, shoulder brace, carpal tunnel brace, and wrist brace are some of the most common and demanded in the sector.
In Colombia, the production of orthopedic products is regulated by the National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (INVIMA). It is an entity that under the resolution 2968 of 2015, determines the conditions under which such items need to be produced to comply with health regulations and with all the requirements according to the patients' needs. It indicates technical and locative resources to guarantee quality and effectiveness in the treatment it is produced for.
Colombian medical supply stores have also increased and specialized in the production of personal protection equipment, such as medical disposable gowns, face masks, and gloves. These products have also become a business opportunity, due to the increase in demand globally. These medical equipment suppliers have become known for their quality and innovation at low prices in the international market. They have slowly entered the international market with competitive products, providing quality and compliance to their end-users.

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