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Textile manufacturing in Colombia has gained worldwide recognition because of the high quality of the materials used and garments produced. As one of the most diverse countries in the world, Colombian textile factories and fabric companies, use a high number of natural raw materials to produce natural fabrics. As the world´s textile industries gain awareness of ecological and sustainable fashion, Colombian clothing brands are stepping up to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. By taking actions regarding social responsibility and eco-friendly procedures, the Colombian textile industry is looking to become a referent in eco-friendly and sustainable fashion production.

One relevant aspect of this transformation has been the usage of a skilled workforce. The government has launched different programs to formalize the jobs of thousands of workers within the clothing industry. Due to this, according to the Colombian Confections Chamber, more than 1.6 million workers are directly employed by clothing companies, and textile and fabric factories. This intends to reduce informality and to foment social inclusion that is traduced into producing socially responsible garments. In the same way, many clothing manufacturing companies are using technology to develop better production processes to reduce their ecological impact. These measures are beneficial for the country, as these aspects are gaining more relevance around the globe.

The production of natural fabrics is another important aspect of the Colombian textile and fabric manufacturing industry. Colombian fabric is known for its high durability and quality. The most common natural raw materials used are cotton, linen, and fique. With these, manufacturers can create jeans, hats, pants, socks, denim, and many other products. Additionally, local artisans work with fabrics like fique to elaborate hand made products that are a worldwide referent for its high-end, and complex designs. Some of these creations are handmade bags, tote bags, and hats.

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