Colombia Rug Brands

Colombian rug brands are known for the high standards of their fabric. These high standards derive from a rich history of experimenting with different materials to create durable products. Colombian rugs are the result of this textile experimentation. By combining natural fibers with different fabrics, the Colombian rug companies deliver innovative and high-quality products to the national and international market. According to the United Nations COMTRADE database, Colombia's exports of carpets and other textile floor coverings were around $790.7 thousand during 2019. Related to this, that the top exportation countries for Colombian carpets and rugs are the United States, France, Germany, Australia, and Latin American countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Most Colombian rug companies use a different variety of fabrics to create carpets for personal or industrial use. Wool, silk, cotton, and polyester are some of the most common materials that are used for decorative rugs. Most of the carpets are created by knitting some of these materials and combining them to create high-quality and durable products. Some Colombian rug brands mix synthetic and common fabrics with plant-based fibers to deliver native designs to highlight local traditions. These carpet brands usually create handmade rugs that are made by local communities.

One of the most relevant players of the Colombian rug industry is the Colombian artisans. Having learned how to knit from generation to generation, the artisans use exclusive native knitting patterns to create high-quality handmade rugs with exceptional designs. By weaving plant and animal fibers into fabrics, artisans pay homage to a rich heritage as in their creations they reflect the exuberance of the second most diverse country in the world. These Colombian rugs are being distributed all over the world. Their success and international interest have seen some of these handmade rugs being displayed in art galleries in New York and Milan, and others have decorated European and Asian royal palaces.

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