Chemical Cleaning Products in Colombia

Chemical cleaning products and cleaning supplies manufacturers in Colombia have seen a significant sales growth in recent years.

Liquid cleaners and detergents, as well as hand sanitizers, personal hysine, and wet wipes products have experienced a surge in demand. It is expected for this trend to continue as there are higher risks of other viruses and diseases.

In Colombia, the sales prospect of these kinds of products is estimated to grow around 7% annually for the next four years.

There are chemical cleaning manufacturers focused on industrial and janitorial supplies, others in home cleaning supplies, some for retail and others for wholesale.

There are also air fresheners, degreasers, chlorine, liquid and solid detergents, washing powder, soaps, antibacterials and multi purpose cleaners manufacturers among others. Some offer organic and less toxic products both for household and industrial use purposes and can differentiate themselves through their sustainability practices.

In general the soap, detergent, and cleaning products industry in Colombia is very well established with key players leading the market and new smaller firms also competing with quality and innovation.

As demand for these products rises so does the product portfolio and quality offering from Colombian manufacturers and suppliers, aligning to international trends and demands.

There is now a growing demand for immunity and germ elimination. At the same time there has been a particular emphasis on organic sustainable high quality products in previous years. This leads to chemical cleaning manufacturers to aim to be qualified for germ elimination and eco friendly products.

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