Colombian Pet Food

The Colombian Pet Food market is booming and has grown in value and price per kilogram during the past few years, as Juan Pablo Garcia, category manager from Nestle Purina Petcare, said.

The trends driving this growth in the Colombian market reflect those driving the global pet food industry. In 2016, the volume of the Colombian pet food market stood at 28,266 kilograms representing COP739 billion (US$228 million) in value with an average price per kilogram of COP26,260 (US$8.11), according to figures shared by Garcia. A year later, the value of the industry had risen to COP791 billion (US$244 million) for 29,110 kilograms selling at COP27,150 (US$8.39) per kilogram.

Colombia has a growing pet population and urbanization that creates a greater density of companion animals in Colombian towns and cities, Garcia said. Those pets, especially dogs and cats, eat more premium pet food. Dog food and cat food, specifically, have moved to a more organic source. B.A.R.F. is taking the lead due to the numerous benefits in their organisms.

Due to the pandemic, even more households in the country have acquired animal companions. Moreover, Latin Americans are more concerned for their pets' well-being, showing an increase in the world sales of pet food (+401%) and pet articles (+204%), according to Gabrica, the sales leader in the region.

Undoubtedly, pet food distributors, dog suppliers, cat suppliers, and refugees have seen an increase in their industries and the interests of the nations' households. In the solitude of isolation, a pet can be the best companion. To sum up, the Colombian pet food market will continue to increase and strengthen because every day more, pets are part of the families.

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