Toiletries factories in Colombia

The demand for cleaning products and toiletry in Latin America has grown highly, especially in disinfectant products such as bleach and antibacterial. In Colombia, many toiletry factories have increased their production and have reached markets that were not reachable before. The high demand and the low supply of the products, has opened an opportunity for cleaning products suppliers to increase sales and conquer new markets.
Colombia has become a target for wholesale cleaning supplies. It is a country with investment opportunities in the cleaning and cosmetics sector. The nation is Latin America’s fourth-largest market in the cosmetics and toiletry industry and it is expected to grow within recent years, becoming the main destination for major international brands. Colombia is the country with the highest diversity per square meter and it holds nearly 10% of the world’s biological diversity. It provides producing companies with locally produced materials that are necessary for production.
According to the ANDI’s Chamber of the cosmetics and toiletries industry, in 2017, the toiletry and cleaning supplies sector registered USD 954 million in sales. These numbers are registered by the consulting firm Euromonitor. It is a dynamic sector that has become important for the economy of the country. Various international companies have set up massive production plants in the country that sell both locally and internationally.
Toiletry and cleaning supplies market has two subcategories, liquids such as liquid soap, antibacterial gel, floor cleaner, dish soap, liquid detergent, antibacterial soap, softener, and all-purpose cleaner. And powder and solid detergents, which hold the most accountability for export purposes.
Because of the reasonable prices that the country offers in the toiletry and cleaning supplies market, and the quality of the products, Colombia is a target market for cleaning products.

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