Agricultural Machinery Factory in Colombia

Agricultural machinery factories in Colombia have grown in line with the increase in the mechanized area and with general economic conditions. Colombia is a country that has much to offer in the agricultural sector. It is known worldwide for its high-quality and expertise in the production of agricultural products.
Agriculture represents a principal source of income for the country. According to the MADR (Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo rural), the agri-food sector accounts for over 20% of national employment. In 2017 the export of foodstuffs from Colombia reached $7.3 billion, accounting for 49% of non-traditional exports and reaching over 164 different markets.

For many years, farmers imported farm equipment and agricultural equipment from other countries, but in recent years, many local agricultural machinery manufacturers emerged when finding an opportunity to produce these products locally. Agro machinery such as ovens, food processing machines, coffee threshers, and grain sorters are some of the farm machinery and equipment that is produced domestically.
Mechanization is related to the productivity of the agricultural sector. It generates benefits for agricultural development, such as the reduction of production costs, productivity increase, faster work, and working capital benefits because of its dedication to specialized work.
Agricultural machinery companies have strengthened their production through innovation and technology input. Restructuring and marketing have played a key factor in order to reach different markets. They have developed durable, functional, and well-founded products that are of great use for both the local and international markets.

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