Animation Company in Colombia

The audiovisual industry in Colombia has been gaining traction in recent years at par with the technological and digital advancements the country has experienced.

The animation sector generates the most income within the digital creative industry compared to film and T.V. The Film Development Fund which is the entity dedicated to promote the development of the film industry in Colombia, invests approximately $1 million USD annually for the production of animation films.

This investment has stimulated animation companies in Colombia while attracting young creative talent to continuously feed the rapid changing and diverse consumer palate.

There is a growing demand for animated films and as open platforms such as youtube continue to be available, smaller and independent firms have been able to enter the market.

The greatest asset for the Colombian animation, video game, virtual reality and all around for creative digital design companies, is the local technologically apt and highly creative human talent.

Audiovisual production, motion graphics and 3d animation have gained popularity in recent years as consumers become more attracted to this kind of content.

As technology evolves so has the audiovisual industry. There is a very big opportunity as the demand for animation films increases internationally, and Colombia is ready and equipped to take full advantage of it.

There are numerous incentives and initiatives to fuel this sector and the creative industry overall.

Video games are also a big component of the animation industry, and new firms are entering this space as the industry continues to evolve.

This promising sector is filled with options and opportunities to continue growing nationally, regionally and globally, with a particular emphasis in great storytelling and content.

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