Iron and Steel Industry Colombia

The vehicle industry of the country is highly related to the iron and steel industry in Colombia. Due to the national economic development, the vehicle industry is a significant driver of progress and represents approximately 6% of the country's industrial GDP. Accordingly, such impact is reflected on the steel industry which supplies significant amounts of materials like iron, tubular structures, and other alloys. Hence, it is no coincidence that as of December 2018, Statista reported that the overall activities of such industry illustrated a considerable growth on the Colombian steel gross production value that amounted to approximately 2.4 billion U.S. dollars.

The growth is therefore a reflection of the hard work of steel companies, as well as of construction companies in Colombia. With a complete portfolio of tubular steel, amongst others, the companies are prepared and count with wide experience and industry knowledge to conduct various types of projects. As a matter of fact, the tubular steel prices in Colombia increase the markets interest given its applicability making reliable infrastructure, given that it also offers reduced construction times. For instance, tubular products can be found in buildings, industrial constructions, greenhouses, bridges, stadiums, and marine extraction plants.

Consequently, it is accurate to state that the iron and steel products in Colombia, are key elements both for the construction and the automotive industry because of their use and relevance in the particular business activities. The latter highlights Colombia's industrial network and the fact that the country is invested in promoting sustainable, horizontal and vertical growth.

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