footwear manufacturers for men in Colombia

The men’s shoe manufacturer industry in Colombia is well positioned and recognized worldwide. The country’s highly developed production standards allow manufacturers, both micro and wholesale, to deliver a unique high-quality product.

The diversity in styles and the inclusion of detailed designs and well curated materials to produce men’s shoes including handmade shoes, sneakers, boots and loafers create a higher demand attracting buyers from all over the world. In 2019, the Colombian shoe exportation industry produced over $33 million USD. Ecuador, the United States and Costa Rica are the main buyers of Colombian shoes.

What sets footwear for men manufacturers companies in Colombia as one of the most coveted industries compared to other countries is the handmade meticulous detailed production process. Additionally, more manufacturers are using environment friendly materials to ensure a more sustainable business, responsible consumption and the protection of our planet. The country also has a very powerful leather industry which helps strengthen the production of unique shoes for men and meet the demands of the global market.

This industry promises a solid future for global entrepreneurs and local manufacturers. The Colombian Association of Manufacturing Footwear and Leather Industries (ACICAM, by its acronym in Spanish) has developed a business plan to ensure the industry’s growth and expansion creating a positive impact for many communities in Colombia. By 2025, it is expected for Colombia to become the third biggest exporter of shoes creating 12% of the region’s exportation. At the same time, the men’s shoe industry is expected to create 6% of industrial employment in the country.

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