paper factory in Colombia

The paper production industry in Colombia has well established companies that offer a diversity of products for multiple commercial and industrial needs. The industry offers different types of paper including hand towels, clips, cartons, napkins, wax paper, recycled notebooks, self adhesive labels and office supplies amongst others. The array of products is infinite and customization is also offered by many paper companies in Colombia.

The toilet paper industry in Colombia has also gained big momentum and recognition given the quality and price competitiveness of the products offered.

There is also an increasing need and demand for good production practices to ensure sustainability through reforestation and lower environmental impact practices. There is a national effort to assist and incentivize paper companies in their transition to more eco friendly products and processes. Many of these factories are investing to improve sustainability and eco friendly practices and products to align with current global trends and needs.

Stationery wholesale is also on the rise aimed to serve holiday season and special occasions, children's school supplies. The use of different and unique materials is a growing trend in Colombia.

Paper manufacturers and distributors, plastic and white polypropylene label producers, and wholesale toilet paper factories are among the key players in the paper production industry. This sector holds years of experience targeting international markets.

Quality and competitiveness, adaptability, diverse portfolios and work ethic keeps attracting international wholesale buyers.

Being an important industry for the local economy as it creates many manufacturing jobs, paper manufactures play a key role in Colombia's economic development.

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