Toilet Paper Factory in Colombia

As an essential household item, toilet paper in Colombia is massively produced to meet the high demand of the country. Many toilet paper manufacturers and factories are responsible for the manufacturing, conversion and commercialization of toilet paper, paper towels, hand towels, paper napkins and other sanitary products with the highest quality and market standards.

Stationery wholesale is also on the rise aimed to serve holiday season and special occasions, children's school supplies. The use of different and unique materials is a growing trend in Colombia.

Most of the paper manufacturers are based in the following regions: Bogota with 37 paper companies, Valle del Cauca, at the west of the country, has 25 registered paper manufacturers, Antioquia, also known as the coffee region of Colombia, has 24 registered paper companies, Cundinamarca with 9 manufacturers, and others with about 17 paper manufacturers.

Paper including paper towels and toilet paper in Colombia can produce exportations worth over $152 billion USD annually. The main exportation destinations for toilet paper are Ecuador accounting for approximately 38% of the exportations, Peru with 18% and Chile accounting for approximately 9% of the total exportation.

Paper manufacturers in Colombia are becoming more recognized worldwide due to their efforts to include an agenda production that prioritized the environment. Quality and competitiveness, adaptability, diverse portfolios and work ethic keeps attracting international wholesale buyers.

In addition, it offers innovation and differentiation in each of the products and brands using the latest technology to use sometimes 100% recycled materials.

Being an important industry for the local economy as it creates many manufacturing jobs, paper manufactures play a key role in Colombia's economic development.

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